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Vision Therapy Client (San Jose Vision Therapy)

Vision Therapy Client (San Jose Vision Therapy)

Taking a vision therapist into the 21st century could have been a daunting task. The main obstacle was to generate awareness of a service that few people were aware of: vision therapy. The need was there but the people who could benefit from it weren’t aware of its benefits and therefore were not necessarily searching for it. Fortunately, our client San Jose Vision Therapy was open to our suggestions and continues to glean huge rewards with almost 300% increase in revenue over a 10 month period! They had been in the business for 4 years but the revenue from the business had been stagnant and they were barely able to make ends meet. Their revenue and customer base continues to grow.

After reviewing the client’s dated logo, business card and website, our team recommended we do a complete renovation and marketing solution. We started by understanding the business and what differentiates their business from others. We identified one key differentiating factor: Their specialty was working with children. Unfortunately, you would hardly know this by looking at their original marketing materials.

Using that specialization as a core piece of the foundation, our team began with a logo design that fits today’s colorful and eye-catching environment. It was designed to be appealing both to parents in its visual statement and colorful enough to stand out. Once logo design was completed, work began to update all the marketing materials; business cards, stationary, mailers and most importantly, the website. This work laid the foundation for the next phase, the marketing plan.

By leveraging their specialization, our client was able to glean huge, sustained increases in business. From the easy to navigate, clear and informational website to the targeted ad campaigns we designed and executed for the client, everything was directed toward the objective of their target market, while spending 75% less money for advertising compared to before.

The result?

By specializing in their core competency, they grew the business with the customers they most wanted to work with at a profit margin that was acceptable to both them and their clients. Huge increases in traffic have continued to fuel growth and they are still happily growing their business while retaining their enlarged customer base. Today, not only are they on the first page in search results, but they completely cover the first page of results for their chosen searches!

A continued focus of our Social Media Campaign management continues to yield benefits.