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Restaurant (Soong Soong Restaurant)

Restaurant (Soong Soong Restaurant)

Soong Soong restaurant was a long-standing favorite with many in the area. Unfortunately, with that “many” getting older and some moving away, their gradual loss of sales from their peak started to have a significant impact on the bottom line of the business. They had tried a number of different approaches to increasing business but they didn’t really help.

They had installed several different signs outside and on the building, even added signage to their windows. They even put their menu up as a website and that didn’t impact customers walking in the door either. They didn’t know that Google won’t even pick up your website if it’s not mobile-friendly. They thought just doing the “internet thing” would help business. They were wrong. Just putting information about your business doesn’t help any more. It has to be in the right format, with the right keywords, the right strategy, in a word; you need an expert.

Ideally they wanted more business-to-business (b2b) as well as business-to-consumer (b2c) sales. However, finally, knowing they needed some professional help, they reached out to Ideology Studio. After reviewing their materials, several items were discussed: a new menu, a new sign but there was a big problem. They had four different logos, all the signs had a different appearance, none of which were very good. The “stinky” old-style menu had to go as well. None of the materials were presentable. It’s not that they were bad owners; they just did the best they could with what they had. Something that most small business owners agree upon.

Where they were, they needed branding, they needed real brochures, they needed an identity that people would remember and they needed to be found on the Internet; especially since they’re in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We’re always concerned about the cost, right? Would the cost to do all this be worth it? Would they be able to raise their prices? If they could raise their prices even a little bit, they could cover all the marketing updates easily, but alas, no one would be willing to pay more without receiving additional value from them.

Ideology Studio started with the design of a new logo that characterized their business and heritage. Following the Logo was a new Brochure, Business Card, a Banner, a new Website and finally a new Sign. We updated the menu, bringing in a photographer to document their beautiful meals. Within a couple of months you wouldn’t recognize the place. A fresh appearance adorned the location, new staff uniforms; with some of Ideology Studio’s trademark Internet Marketing and suddenly there was a line to get in. They had to add takeout and ordering via the Web just to meet customer demand.

We’re about results. End result: Revenue increased by 50% in only 3-months.

No matter who’s standard you use, that’s a success.

Contact Ideology Studio if you’re in similar circumstances. We can give you hope; and a solution.