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Service Automotive (Rick Marchetti’s Auto Service )

Service Automotive (Rick Marchetti’s Auto Service )

Rick Marchetti’s Auto Service was a long-standing company, well known among locals and offered great service. However, they needed growth to cover their climbing overhead. Real estate costs had gone through the roof in recent years and lease costs had skyrocketed for their property. They needed change.

They suffered from the same ailments that most small businesses deal with, not the least of which was lack of brand recognition, outside of a few happy customers and friends. The good news was, they did great work and the referral business was what kept them going. The bad news; it simply wasn’t enough.

In our discussion about coming up with a real logo, rather than the several that had been used over the years, it was brought up that they needed something that brought recognition. Suddenly an epiphany. Their great grandfather designed the Marchetti Cam-Action Aircraft Engine. Heck, it was practically an icon of the aircraft industry! They wanted people to recognize and have inclusive brand recognition for the roots of the family brand. There it was, right in plain sight. Just took the right conversation.

From no brand recognition and no website, we redesigned this family brand, updating it’s’ appearance to meet our standards and set out to update everything else. After updating business cards, signage, and a new website, rather than leaning only on public listings by Yelp, they were positioned not only for profitability, but for expansion. Shortly, their website had thousands of visitors in a few short weeks.

Today, rather than just driving up to the shop to get your car fixed, you have to actually book an appointment. That’s the kind of problems we love to create!

We continue to increase the visibility of the website as well as handle internet marketing and social media campaigns.

How’d you like us to come cause trouble like that at your shop?