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Pest Management/Control Services (Pest Pro)

Pest Management/Control Services (Pest Pro)

Some of the most important services we use daily are often overlooked when it comes to marketing. From garbage removal to cleaning services, we all need them but it may be difficult to find a new one when we need to.

Our pest control client is the type of company that nobody loves, until they need them! They have always done a great job at their craft, with a regular client base, living in sunny California, where everything thrives, including the things you really don’t want to.

Their classic 1990’s styled marketing materials were likely state of the art in their day, but gave the company a dated, perhaps even unprofessional look in today’s market. In short, it made them look small. So often, an investment in marketing can seem unnecessary. What we find though, is that the investment regularly yields great results. Often yielding far greater results than many other investments in the company do.

Their branding and logo needed some love (an update) and we were right there to help them accomplish that. After almost twenty years in the business, their approach, strategy and application methods had changed, indeed, so had their professionalism. The updated look had to communicate that they were an up-to-date, professional organization that you would hire in a split second.

We began with creating a new logo, a very clear symbol that would be easily recognized. This was brought through to all their marketing materials, giving them a consistent look across the board. The icing on the cake; we designed vehicle wraps so their brand was consistent even down to their trucks!

This has resulted in additional growth, stabilizing their company and positioning them for the next twenty years. Hopefully they won’t wait that long for an update though!