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Payment Processing (PaymentLove)

Payment Processing (PaymentLove)

The owner of Payment Love was not looking for a change in branding when we met. On the contrary, he was looking for a “quick-fix”, a high-quality, professional website, done fast. After meeting, we asked him to put the brakes on, something we rarely do. You see, his previous business name, really didn’t carry with it the name brand recognition he wanted and although he took great care of his customers, he didn’t really feel the brand was something to “hang his hat on”. The near-cryptic url for the website made matters even worse. That spelled caution in our eyes. This was a clear case of a company needing a rebrand.

We met with the owner several times, encouraging him to come up with a better name and something iconic as a basis for the logo. Ultimately, we worked together to create a hybrid of his ideas and ours and the brand Payment Love was born. The new logo created an iconic style that was even a bit playful, which was unusual for a payment processing company. He still says it puts a smile on people’s face, something his peers in the same industry cannot say.

Once we decided on a name and agreed upon a logo design, our team got to work to frame out the website and await the content from the owner. At the same time, business cards and other supporting materials were created. Once the website was complete we also completed a brochure and designed other materials that helped to personify this great company.

The company continues to grow in size, scope and staff and continues to do business with us, outsourcing much of their marketing needs. After all, to be successful you have to focus on what you’re best at.

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