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Florist, Nursery and Seed Industry (Pano Ranch)

Florist, Nursery and Seed Industry (Pano Ranch)

As a specialist for almost 10 years in Hawaiian flowers, Pano Ranch is a very unique business. That uniqueness made them difficult to find, except perhaps for someone knowing exactly what to look for. What further hindered the business was that their logo varied from piece to piece, every piece was a different color, just like their flowers. Unfortunately, that gave them zero brand recognition making them “lost in the shuffle”. This is actually a very common thing amongst small business owners. The lack of specialization and the effort to “do it all” themselves is a double-edged sword.

There is great value in specializing in what you’re great at as an entrepreneur; and off-loading other aspects of the business to those who do it better than you. That’s a key to success, actually.

We started by identifying, agreeing upon and creating one unique design for their logo, then utilizing a consistent appearance across all their marketing pieces. In doing so we were able to stabilize them visually and create a foundation to build their brand strength.

Their old website had some nice photos but was difficult to navigate, making it hard for customers to find the items they were interested in. Additionally, the website was not mobile compliant, making their Google search results non-existent. Many business owners think if they’re “on the web”, that’s enough; not realizing that Google and other search engines actually discount search availability for sites that are not updated and are not mobile compliant. Mobile compliance is a MUST for today.

We revitalized their web presence through the use of a consistent, easy to navigate web interface, quick loading photos that enable them to increase the traffic and sales brought in through the Web. The consistent branding has boosted their profits and made them a recognizable face across a wider audience. Overall this has produced great results they are very pleased with.