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Large Manufacturing Client

Large Manufacturing Client

Our manufacturing client produced highly effective electronics products that were used in a wide variety of markets. They were great at what they did, producing a great product. Their presentation and marketing materials were highly technical, lending themselves perfectly toward the engineers and technical development teams they commonly worked with.

This technical approach, however, greatly limited their appeal to only a few companies that understood their product. The technical aspects are, of course, very important but must be balanced with appeal to the non-technical audience in the business verticals that are targeted. Not every buyer is an engineer.

By repositioning their content behind a visually appealing interface and printed catalog, Ideology Studio was able to increase their appeal, also simultaneously stimulating and increasing their production numbers with the increased sales.

By appealing to this broader audience they ultimately entered a buy-sell agreement and were shortly thereafter purchased by a Fortune 500 company, creating an even greater market opportunity and greater growth for their business.

The moral of the story? Well positioned marketing materials and a proper approach to the market yields results. Sometimes those results are even greater than originally imagined!

Are you a manufacturer that needs to gain market share in order to bolster greater production? Interested in positioning your company for a buyout? Contact Ideology Studio for a no obligation analysis today. We’re happy to discuss how we may be able to help you reposition in the market.