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Hospitality industry Client (Palo Alto Inn)

Hospitality industry Client (Palo Alto Inn)

Our hospitality client owned a dated property connected to an existing franchise who’s high franchise fees made it difficult to operate the facility as well as maintain and upgrade at the same time. These franchise fees, while they brought brand recognition, also brought it at a high cost. The owner believed the property could stand on its own and do well without the franchise cost. It was time for a change.

Because of his openness, the owner invited us in to strategize with an unparalleled look deep into the operation of this property. The owner really liked the property and location so selling it wasn’t an option. It had to be brought to a new level. We were of the same mind, agreeing with the value of several changes physically in and around the property ranging from room remodeling and a visual facelift to signage and other appearance changes.

An iconic tree stands on the property, more than 100-years old, that we focused upon for the logo. This tree signified the living, organic changes that occurred along with this logo we developed. This tree design personified the new brand for The Palo Alto Inn, making it visually “pop” on a business card as well as on the newly designed signage out front.

Coupled with significant operational and capital investments, this resulted in increased in revenue and the property easily stands on it’s own now. A solid ROI to be sure according to the owner!