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Commercial Land Development Project (Fremont Pacific Shopping Center)

Commercial Land Development Project (Fremont Pacific Shopping Center)

Originally, the website for this shopping center appealed only to those wanting to lease space. The management company approached us for assistance. Appearing on the website was only simple corporate contact information on who to contact for leasing. This was to be expected, as their focus was to lease out the facility, not to attract retail customers, it was simply a business listing.

This changed after contacting us. We focused on making the location a destination that people would want to visit. Our consulting included recommendations to upgrade the facility, in addition to a facelift to make it more friendly and interesting. In order to appeal to a different audience, one must make changes. Those changes target the audience you want to reach.

The resulting combination of their hard work in updating the facility coupled with their commitment to make it a destination of culture has increased traffic for the entire facility, bringing in more retail customers by creating an inviting environment and creating a more comfortable work environment for staff that work there.

If you have a land development project, commercial real estate project or even an apartment complex that you would like to be able to raise rents in, contact us for a strategy on how to coordinate an overall facelift to accomplish what you would like to do.