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Construction; Painting Contractor (AndSon Painting, Inc.)

Construction; Painting Contractor (AndSon Painting, Inc.)

Our construction client, a professional painter, was a third generation specialist in their field. Their marketing materials belied this fact with a simplistic, old-style design. As a result of not having up to date, modern marketing materials, the contractor had difficulty acquiring larger residential or commercial jobs due to being perceived incorrectly more as a small company, a one-man show.

Our team started with logo redesign, making the most of the company’s epoch four-decade history, modernizing their multi-generational story & experience with a logo that popped visually and provided a pleasing presentation of their great heritage. This was packaged with new brochures and visually “wowing” website that increased their creditability, communicated their vision and showed off their great expertise.

As a result of the work completed by us, their conversion rate increased by 15%, while lowering marketing costs by an amazing 51%. Now, not only do they get all sizes of jobs, they’re so busy they’re still looking for more qualified help today to keep up with demand!

Perhaps most significantly, in an area where there are literally hundreds of painters, they are on the first page of results on Yelp as well. Our efforts in building their marketing materials well and positioning them online has had dramatic impact. They are very happy with our work. Today, they continue to grow with many crews working an even larger geographical area. The owner continues to work all aspects of the business to continue its strong growth.