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Auto Repair & Detail (Auto Shield Collision Service)

Auto Repair & Detail (Auto Shield Collision Service)

Auto Shield Collision Service didn’t exist. It was the brain-child of a rebranding campaign that brought a rebirth to an entrepreneur of his dream.

Our client cared for their customers. They had a relatively busy shop. In fact, they had a couple shops because they had expanded over the years. Along with these multiple shops, they had multiple names. The only one who benefits from multiple identities are secret agents, and that’s not who you want to be if you’re running a business. You want to be known.

The owner came to us with an open mind, asking for some help in figuring out how to grow the business. After hearing his plight, we suggested that he was ripe for a rebrand. Rebranding is a way to breathe fresh, new life into a business. In this case, he already too great care of customers, was expanding his offerings and hiring more staff. This was a great time to reposition to a position of even greater strength.

We unified the structure under a single brand, signifying the way the owner feels about his customers. He wants to shield them from all the trouble. Starting with a business plan, then creating a marketing plan, a marketing strategy, the two businesses were linked together and became one.

We designed a new logo, new business cards and other marketing materials, created a new website and take care of their ongoing social media needs.

The business continues to flourish and reap the benefits of consolidating under a single brand identity.

If you have a multi-location business you would like to consolidate, contact us for a free strategy session. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.