The best way to grow your business is by knowing who your target audience is. We begin by doing the necessary research into our client’s industry, business history, and professional experience with the community. We will give your business a professional look and improve your marketing effectiveness. Services include: Marketing Strategy, Branding, UI/UX (User Experience) Design, Multimedia, Online and Social Media Marketing.

Marketing StrategyWe provide efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies and solutions

Define the Right Direction

We completely research our clients’ history and background and implement a unique and effective marketing strategy. We don’t focus on a small part of your business, but rather take each and every detail into consideration. Direction chosen will be the one that takes the clients’ needs and convert them into reality.

Increasing Conversion Rate

It takes only seconds to form a first impression about a person. A business is no different. We separate the wheat from the chaff with our clients, and help them present their key elements the first moment a potential customer discovers the business.

Marketing Campaign

We create a successful marketing campaign and back your campaign with statistical and analytical data to gauge how effective your marketing strategy is. Real-time data gauges and determines success.

BrandingSuccessful Branding Drives Traffic and Increases Conversion Rates

Why Branding

Branding is not just colors, fonts, logo, and slogan. It is a company’s personality. It is how the organization, services or products interact with customers and react to feedback from others. Designers follow marketing strategies to develop branding, and connect customer effectively.

Branding Identity

Branding Identity is a Company’s core value and strategy. It includes your logo, letterhead, business cards, flyers, brochures, website… etc. Every step has to have the consistent business identity, and let the customer see a strong brand image which becomes brand loyalty.

Marketing Materials Compelling

Marketing materials are tools that assist your customers in their buying decision. The easiest way to convert a sale is to bring your prospects to you. Focus on making it as easy as possible to decide to purchase your products and services. It is the secret to your marketing success.

UI/UXGive your customers and high quality user experience!


We look into our client’s history and experience in order to find their core values

Content Strategy

We go through all of the information and develop a hierarchy of needs

Information Architecture

Improving usability & functionality to build an efficient web presence


Each element has its own story, and we care about every part of the story


Desktop, tablet or mobile. We take every platform and size into consideration


Distinguish the needs of the target audience versus secondary users

Mediawe provide cutting edge 3D animation

Professional, cutting edge quality and creativity with a clean theme

Let’s get started!

Different customers respond to different forms of media.
We provide 3D animation videos, Website Videos, Kickstarter Videos, and Short Films.

Internet MarketingOnline and Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

We make sure your website pops up on the most popular search engines

  • The proper use of appropriate keywords

  • Strong connection to search engines such as, Google, Bing, Yahoo

  • We make your website stand out!

Search Engine Marketing

Increasing visibility on search engine and review site

  • Paid search advertising

  • PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click)

  • Drive up impressions resulting in lower CPM (Cost-per-thousand)

Social Media Campaign

We provide social media management and create leads to your way

  • Implement multi-faceted social media strategy to transcend marketing goals

  • We connect to various social media platforms, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp… etc.

  • Combined collective power of several social media outlets to generate sales.